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16 June 2014 - The Magi 4 Afrika Challenge
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 WELCOME to Magi 4 Afrika and our Website

Thank you to everyone who entered our Magi 4 Afrika Xmas raffle to WIN A FIRKIN OF ALE FOR NEW YEAR ... the lucky winner was Steve Foster with ticket number 1707.

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"Vision without action is just a dream ... Action without vision just passes the time ...
... Vision with action can change the world" - Nelson Mandela


Magi 4 Afrika is an initiative that helps bring safe water to the people of sub-Saharan Africa.  Magi 4 Afrika is not a Registered Charity; we facilitate communities coming together in support of great causes.  All surplus funds raised by Magi 4 Afrika are distributed to registered charities for investment.  

Please Contact Us if you would like to join us and help our cause in any way.  

WaterAid Net funds raised by Magi 4 Afrika are currently passed to WaterAid for investment in their Burie Woreda project, approximately 300 kms north-west of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.  The Burie Woreda project will bring safe water to 37,000 people and, over 74,000 people will have access to safe latrines.  More than 56,000 people will receive education to improve their existing hygiene practices.  

Magi 4 Afrika is an entirely voluntary organisation; we do not charge any management fee.  100% of the money you donate (less operational expenses such as website hosting, printing, raffle prizes, purchase of wristbands, etc) is passed to WaterAid.  The "Gross Total" (left) is the gross amount raised by Magi 4 Afrika from all sources before operational expenses are deducted.  For compliance purposes, we confirm that, as at February 2015, 80% of your donation is passed to WaterAid; a full breakdown of our activities can be found by visiting our Donations Page.

My fascination with Africa began at a young age when my Grandmother gave me a stamp collection; I was drawn by places such as Lourenço Marques (Maputo), Nyasaland (Zambia), Timbuktu and Zanzibar.  Then, in 1992, I was selected as a Group Study Exchange Student by Rotary for an exchange visit to Southern Africa (South Africa, Zimbabwe and, briefly, Zambia).

One morning, we rose to watch the sun rise over Victoria Falls; they say five hundred million litres of water per minute.  Forty minutes later, we stood in horror and watched a young girl digging for water in a dried up river bed; I have never been able to reconcile such extremes of fortune within one hour of each other.  That image has been etched in my mind for over twenty years; I resolved, one day, to try and do something to help.  Magi 4 Afrika  is an attempt to deliver on this.

The images, from May 1992 show, left to right; The Flight of Angels; Sunrise at Victoria Falls; Digging for Water.  

In Africa, a thirsty little boy or girl dies every minute of every hour; every day
Every year, an estimated 250,000 children die in Ethiopia alone from drinking unclean water
Yet, just twenty-five pence can provide an Ethiopian child with clean water for one whole year
Those are facts that might shock.  Magi 4 Afrika, Swahili for "Water for Africa", hopes to raise £25,000 to help provide safe water, improved hygiene and sanitation to disadvantaged communities in rural Ethiopia.  
My Daily Drink - A Few Contaminated Drops

Magi 4 Afrika is about community-led fund-raising, helping to bring people together in support of a great cause.  It is a shocking indictment that one in eight of our brothers and sisters has no safe water.  Perhaps the saddest fact is that this only comes to our attention when the media brings images of yet another catastrophe in Africa.

People are becoming ever more discerning with their giving, more inquisitive as to how their money is spent.  Magi 4 Afrika is about being transparent, accountable and responsive, ensuring your money reaches its intended destination ... people working together to help create better lives.


Magi 4 Afrika currently supports the work of WaterAid (Registered Charity No. 288701), the international charity that transforms lives by improving access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation.

One billion people do not have access to safe water; 370 million of these live in sub-Saharan Africa (that's half the population of Europe).  Contaminated water kills more children than HIV/Aids, malaria and measles combined.  In Africa, a thirsty little boy or girl dies every minute of every hour.  The image shows a children's mass grave at Dadaab in Kenya (Photo : Oxfam).  This does not need to be ... elsewhere, we share some of the facts; they are shocking.

In Africa, most households rely on women to collect the family's water; young girls, especially, bear the burden of having to walk miles to gather unsafe water.  They are often forced into carrying jerry cans weighing up to 40 kilos.  

Our image shows Kenyan women collecting water (Photo : Mariantonietta Peru -  Simply Contact Us to enrol with Magi 4 Afrika and receive further information.  We hope you will embrace the challenge, helping those less fortunate.  Nothing above the provision of safe water can have a more positive impact on the lives of people in the rural communities of Africa.

Magi 4 Afrika is about offering the chance of a better life.  It is extraordary to think how many thousands of lives can be so dramatically improved by a facility that costs no more than an average priced European motor car.  Our website will show how Magi 4 Afrika progresses; please check back regularly ... and, please join us on our journey.  
"Hey world; millions of our brothers and sisters have no safe water.
Let's just think world; a thirsty little boy or girl dies in Africa every minute of every day."
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